The lives of four Yoruba youths meet at a tragic crossroads in this riveting thriller of desperate struggles to escape poverty and social stagnation.  Their struggles, sometimes funny, other times pathetic but always poignant, are shaped by both traditional Yoruba culture and the realities of a failing modern state called Nigeria.



A rainy night at an inner-city police station in Lagos promises to be idle and restful for the night-duty squad. That promise evaporates in the instant that a young man walks in, covered in blood but without any visible injuries. The officers press their ghoulish visitor into writing a Statement of his journey into what was obviously a recent bloody encounter.  In careful details and heartfelt candor, the young man, Folabi Omokehinde Olomitutu, narrates a complex but highly fascinating tale of deep filial love and true friendship; of human exploitation and incredible courage; of a ‘rebellious’ modern mentality that challenges an indigenous cultural mindset which kills dreams and limits human ambitions; and of people who sink without a fight and those who tenaciously reshape their own lives



The structure of this film rejects the formulaic concept of 'Heroism'. The narrative belongs to almost every character in the story: none of them is a 'hero' or 'villain'; they are all Dreamers.


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