a story by us and for us

Hi. My name is Muyiwa Ogunmefun, popularly known as Adiitu. Just a few years ago, I was a man with no sense of direction to the point that I became homeless. Yes, I was once homeless and spent several nights at the Santa Monica beach where I used the Marriot hotel pool towels as blankets. This is not something that I am ashamed to admit but a phase of life that has served as my testimony and my motivation to others. To the Glory of God, I am honored and grateful to address myself as a man with not just dreams but also visions, a man of integrity, high standard, and high self-worth, thanks to God who led my path to this life-changing idea that we are exhibiting in this film. #ATaleofDreamers

How It All Started 
Inspiration struck in 2019 when I went to Nigeria and in the four weeks of my visit, I observed the wastage of the abilities and the potentials of many youths of Nigeria. Also, I listened to an audio recording of Pastor Fowowe, one of the prominent motivational speakers in Nigeria, and in the recording, Pastor Fowowe painfully spoke about the physical and the emotional neglect and abuse of a lot of children in Nigeria. Mind you, these children are the adults and the leaders of tomorrow. These and many more personal experiences is why I have decided to embark on this project to inspire.  #ATaleofDreamers



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