For starters, I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to everyone who supported my first campaign either through donations or by sharing my cause with others. I assure you that your donations are part of the funds used in making sure that A Tale of Dreamers is written by one of the best script writers in the industry. And as one of the millions of Nigerian Youths who dream of a better future for themselves and the nation, thank you for believing in my vision.

A Tale of Dreamers is a story that informs, enlightens and creates awareness of a concept that could positively impact our lives individually and as a nation.

A Tale of Dreamers was written by myself and scripted by the multi-award-winning writer and director, Niji Akanni who is the writer of the multi-award-winning movie “Awamatu”. He is also the writer of the mega movie “Akanni” directed by the legendary Tunde Kelani.

Myself and Mr. Niji Akanni have lent our voices to write this unique story that will not only entertain the eyes but also inform the mind, and I am glad to inform you that we now have a classic script which we will need your assistance to breathe into life.  



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