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A Tale of Dreamers is a film about a set of people caught in the web of several factors of culture, sociology and political economy that are peculiar to their society at a certain identifiable point in history. Apart from the trio of Folabi, Solape and Opeyemi who drive the narrative, many other so-called minor characters are oblique reflections of real issues in the Nigerian polity. 

In many ways, A Tale of Dreamers is certainly an unusual film in the history of contemporary Yoruba cinema in particular and the Nollywood industry in general. The dramatic universe of this film is broad enough to have the feel of a modern epic. The characters are complex and contradictory enough, their passions valid and relatable enough, to make the film seem like a documentary about a set of real people in a recognizable real space and time. Yet, the narrative also presents like a tightly structured thriller, its plot laced with tension soaked ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ games between crime-lords and their minions on the one hand and between fugitives and the police on the other hand.